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Casa Rural "Las Carretas"


Cuenca has its own home gastronomy. It is tasty, imaginative, economical and full of natural products, created by shepherds and farmers to face a hard working day, adding the inheritance of the monks and Arabs with outstanding desserts.

Nowadays it is a perfect combination between tradition and modernity that you can enjoy the many restaurants located in this region. All this food is made of products offered by this rich land, as their wines, honey, saffron, mushroom, mushrooms, almonds, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, vinegar and of course the famous "bread of Almodóvar.".


A pate made of a delicious blend of potatoes, cod, breadcrumbs and eggs cooked with some garlic and olive oil, mixing so that there is no solid piece.


Un paté, en este caso formado por una deliciosa mezcla de patatas, bacalao, pan rallado y huevos cocidos, con un poco de ajo y aceite de oliva, batido de forma que no haya ningún trozo sólido.


It's an appetizer. Is prepared by forming a ball with the most tender lamb casings, around two branches of vine and accompanied by lemon and garlic.


It is a typical exclusively liquor from Cuenca of Arab origin. It is made of coffee cream, cognac and anise with digestive virtues when taken in moderate doses.


It is a stew made from chopped lamb and other ingredients that provide a delicious broth. Originally eaten at weddings and now is very typical for any celebration.


The king of pastry from Cuenca, of Arab origin. A paste of honey and almonds, bread crumbs, cut into round two wafers covered cake to take shape.


The real one is made of only green and red peppers, tomatoes and some pumpkin. Everything must be finely chopped. But other vegetables are often used depending on the area, season and local taste.


They were served in the camps for breakfast and hunting. They are the typical food of shepherds which originally use the remains of stale bread to make them.They are made of bread, bacon and vegetables in a large pat.


Originally it was food of shepherds and country people, consumed especially on cold winter days. It is a kind of porridge made with flour roasted and then cooked with water, which is made from vetch flour, bacon, garlic, paprika, oil and salt. This plate is popularly consumed in a circle of people around the "pot" or pan, with a spoon or with a simple piece of bread.


It is one of many other recipes which is use mainly to products offered by the earth at that time, in this case in autumn. It is made of cakes of bread and game shredded meat, seasoned with spices.


The French toast is a typical sweet of the celebrations of Lent and Holy Week in Cuenca. It consists of a slice of bread which is soaked in milk or wine and, after being dipped in egg, fried in a pan with oil, and finally, is flavored to taste, with different ingredients: cinnamon or some liquor, and sweetened with honey, syrup or sugar.